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True heroes, free-thinkers, radicals, leaders.

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau


Lysander Spooner

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson


John Locke

Strike at the Root

Free Talk Live

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The proper role of law enforcement by Richard Mack.

What you should know before serving as a juror.

Here is a good explanation of the differences between a peace officer and law enforcement officer.

An open letter to Barack Obama, admonishing him for ascending the throne to rule over us all as subjects, chattel, and the new Amerikan Niggers; and for failing or refusing to acknowledge the common rights of all men for the purposes of exploiting ignorance and perpetuating collectivist tyranny.

From the decrees of the constitution there can be no appeal, for it emanates from the highest source of power, the sovereign people. Phoeve. V. Jay
1 Ill. 268

The government used to recognize that the People were the true source of authority.....what happened?  It's time to refresh their memory. - Articulate Anarchy, Reasoned Rebellion, Paroxysmal Philosophy

Library of Interesting Reading

William Lloyd GarrisonThe Abolitionist by Grimke, Archibald H., 1849-1930

Thomas Szasz The Myth of Mental Illness

1794 - Thomas Paine - The Age of Reason

Man, Economy and State, And Power and Market, Entire Text, By Murray Rothbard

Marshall - Demanding the Impossible - History of Anarchism (2008)

Albert Jay Nock - Our Enemy, The State

Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes

Syndrome of Control-Lindsey Williams

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Police State Road Map by Michael Nield

Adam smith - the wealth of nations

A First Book of Jurisprudence for Students of the Common Law

The Natural Mind - Waking Up

The Common Law by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Anti-Government Movement Guidebook/Law Handbook

The History of Western Philosophy-Bertrand Russel

Philosophy 100 Essential Thinkers